Thursday, April 26, 2012


   There are some people in the world who can put aside the conditioning of the mind and move into new perceptions of our surroundings, and this is my case. Like me there are many in the world, only that many of them remaining complete anonymous of go unnoticed, because our mental governors do not deseve attention.

   However, the times ahead are likely to rise consciences oby enzimes of the minds and the reality becomes clear and evident to all. I can tell you that physical reality that we all take for granted, is merely a reflection of the rude truth that underlies all of us. For those of us lucky enough to see beyond, we look at life differently. As I contemplate Reality fills me with joy and hope.

   Many of you have asked this question before, but have made since the limitation of the mind, then we can not see beyond what our senses tell us. Thus we would need irrefutable physical evidence that our senses palpate to interpret our minds.

   Most of time does not, simply receive certain pieces of the Spiritual Reality, that makes us doubt, but our mind tends to discard as inconsistent.

   We are definitely spirits in its most subtle of the global reality of our existence. Spirits do not know of life and death... Yes, we are eternal... is only the grossest part of our existence that dies over and over again, as if it were a suit. We have many physical lives for a purpose and that is none other than our evolution and spiritual ascent.

   In short, we are spirits, we take a physical existence for convenience of it, and under the supervision of others higher that ourselves. When this physical existence comes to an end, we again become aware of our spiritual reality. We balance this physical life and move on.

   The food of our soul is prayer, meditation and further contemplation. All we can implement them, and thus provide food for our spirit to manifest and show us the way right and proper, which can range as opposed to what our mental governor indicates. You should be aware that we do not mind or spirit and flesh, as these are a temporary illusion that should not make the recognition of Spiritual Truth we are.

   Pray for the less adventurous, then over time more deeply meditate in silence. To that end the most experienced in performing a spiritual practice contemplation. Here the mind has already been set aside so that the thoughts that we seize every day, both pasts and futures left unattended, showing then the silence of this. It is then and only then when we acquired consciousness of the Spiritual Reality without fault or restrictions. We will then defeated the governor of the Earth, which is none other than the mind.

   I invite you to implement these guidelines, it is time to live the reality that we are.

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