Monday, April 23, 2012


   A new and exciting experience of alien abduction took place just weeks ago at night, in fact, I must say that I had to revive it under hypnosis by psychologist Luis Sánchez, because I was not aware of it. Except that I had awakened that morning with an intense pain in the umbilical area. The result of this session of hypnosis is as follows...

   I am in my bedroom with my girlfriend and my little dog in the night and to my surprise, I see appear on the room door to these two extraterrestrial beings I´v ever met before. While the dog runs around the room wildly, but I realize that is not able to see these beings, in fact they seem translucent, almost ethereal appearance, and the dog sensed but not seen.

   These two aliens invite me to follow them and instantly I feel inside a sphere of light. I lie and tell me that I be assured that nothing will happen and that these experiences will be sprouting soon, time is short and we must accelerate the process ¿?. To do this have to do a fix on my spleen and it takes one of them, namely the Nordic-looking blond with long hair, a kind of awl-shaped crystal, which introduces in my belly, whole Aldaan ( tall alien with a long face) tells me that I must not move. Then I feel a strange discomfort in the form of cold in my stomach that stings me, but immediately removed. This blond alien told me:

   "You will have some discomfort for several days but no consideration. Accelerate the process is not adequate but the times require it. You must disclose these experiments. We have always been among you. We have direct contact with the governments of Earth to warn by the chaotic situation on this planet, but they ignore and hide the truth. Therefore you should talk, transmit all this because the time is here. There are many alien races visiting this planet, always with the aim of helping mankind, as has been throughout the ages to evolve properly".

   "Now there is a turning point, where there will be a before and after, to be beautiful after that, this being its purpose. There are some governments who want to go public and take action, but the most powerful silencing the rest have finished. therefore, we have given an ultimatum to conduct an immediate policy change and human attitudes. And if that is not made soon, we show marked open and definite".

   "Others like you are being prepared, each in perspective according to a timetable to be met and for various missions. You will be an intermediary resulting to know what awaits them if they do not change. Give to know the truth of the universe, life, the right way without detours. Teach the art of meditative awareness, to bring the subject as pure energy of life, what you call God, universe... We are all one and as such we should behave in the universe. There will be no distinction among races, planets, planes of existence, and it all seems the same: the vital energy that unites us all in this way. Let´s be real brothers and not in words. Let consciousness, unite our minds and we bring it to manifest openly together. Awareness that will show the way forward. No doubt about it, we all consciously know which way, and in the no-doubt all walk hand in hand".

   "The time to advise it´s over. It´s time to raise awareness. Know the domain of vital energy. Everything you see is a rude representation of it. Must understand that there are other subtler planes have to reach in a leap evolutionary be produced now".

   "I am teaching a lot like you. We are masters of light, the domain of it, but always with a purpose. There are no coincidences in our actions. Learn, you will deepen in the domain of light, of the Universal Energy that combines us all. You will show those who doubt the way of truth and that no longer. Then they will understand and understanding that there are no more options".

   "As you meditate on this. The light does not belong with anyone, is a common good, and you shall honor and respect, and therefore with the whole universe. We are all one and only one. Now you must rest".

   Aldaan asks me how I find myself, and I answer that´s well... Now again I am in my bedroom and they at the foot of the bed, but now I see them again translucent, and again the dog barking insistently. They ask me to rest....

   All this happened in Tenerife in November 2011, and only ask yourself to think about it and draw their own conclusions about the message itself and not on the phenomenology surrounding it.

   I also thank Luis Sánchez psychologist professionalism and know-how to see the light of these experiences.

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