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   Continuing with the story I  previously reported on the sighting of that sphere of light blue-violet, that UFO on top of the Roque de los Dos Hermanos in the Punta del Hidalgo in Tenerife, where after more than 20 years, that amazing episode took power in my dreams and in my mind in a powerful way.

   So after meditation I decided to get in the hands of a renowned specialist in hypnotic regression therapy. So the last day December 5, 2011, the psychologist Luis Sánchez and after telling of my experience in the Punta del Hidalgo village in 1990, and that without knowing why, something impelled me to remember that episode, and having the absolute certainty that something had been snatched out of my mind... Then I will pass on that fabulous meeting lived in Punta del Hidalgo under hypnosis... happened just like that...

   I was with my friends, sitting on the floor leaning against the car we had arranged with the optical out to sea, and all we were in the middle of an interesting conversation about the UFO phenomenon. In fact we were there looking for a sighting of this kind. It was a summer night, peaceful, calm seas and a wonderful starry sky...

    Suddenly, something strange happens, the conversation stops and the silence is so evident. While a strange drowsiness possesses me to the point that I can hardly keep my eyes open, and that is when I noticed that on top of the Roque de los Dos Hermanos had a huge sphere of blue violet. It makes no sound, and begins to make a slight movement from bottom to top and back, hiding at times behind the mountain, and re-emerging slowly.

   Then I direct to my friends who were sitting on my right, and I watch as they are asleep ¿?... but how is it possible if they were talking about just a moment before?... That is when I called them but  they do not answer me... i shook their arms violently, but as they were unconscious ... I directed my attention again to that huge, beautiful light and I followed its evolutions., barely moving, it was still now before me, just a few meters above the Roque de los Dos Hermanos. It seems smart, like I observed directly, and understand that what happens to my friends is a result of their direct influence...

   Suddenly I start to feel very cold in my arms and feet, and while i stared at that ball of light, that UFO, strangely every time I can see it closer, but I realize that follows in the same place, then I am moving toward it.¿?. Then quickly I look back and see that my friends are down!...And I am floating through the air sucked into that ship or whatever.

   Slowly I am getting closer to it, until suddenly i find myself inside. I feel a terrible cold, and I can not stop shivering. I notice that the walls are like glass with an intense white light, that gradually recedes in intensity until I can see these translucent curved walls around me, like glass.

   I am floating in the air inside the vessel or enclosure of light, then I see a very high figure approaching as about 2.5 meters high. It is not human, his face is long, has no mouth, no ears and his eyes are big and slanted black. He is thin but strong and is wearing a  white and bright tight dress, which seems of a piece and a black belt.

   I am still shivering with cold, my feet and hands are frozen and it hurts. So this being tells me telepathically..."be quiet". He is coming to me and placed his left hand on my head and right on my feet. Then he tells me...

   "We are preparing you for the transformation of the energy vibrations of matter, to alter it. Our ships are not built of matter as you know, but this is susceptible to alter with consciousness, to be light".

   Gradually the tremor disappears, the intense cold I felt, until I feel pleasantly relaxed and strangely without any fear.

   After a while, we left the ship, as if my body dissolve or change its molecular density, and I am now out of the Earth, and I am overwhelmed by a beautiful view of our planet. We are now on the Moon, while Aldaan shows me all the ships in the form of spheres of light in there. I see hundreds or thousands and different colors and shades. Later I observe Saturn planet and its rings of asteroids, and we enter them until we reach a small world, with blue and large cities.

   These cities were all spherical curves and constructions, there were no straight lines. I see the domes that stand out, all the buildings in shades of blue very dim, or perhaps by the reflection of heaven in them. They looked like glass, because you could almost see through these constructions.

   A bullet-shaped cylindrical vehicle comes to us and opens a side door like a staircase, and another very human-looking beigns invite me to come in, but before i could not resist the curiosity to touch the strange device, and it seemed metallic, and could almost pass through my hand. These beings were long blond hair, gray eyes, white skin, and the only thing that was different were the nostrils, which were more elongated. We headed towards the city center, and watch amazed as an strange silence reigns throughout the city, even in the vehicle in which we go.

   We approached a large dome in the middle of the city, and while I ask them about what I am doing here, they suggest that I am quiet  because they should take me to a site. So we got to the bottom of this huge dome-shaped construction and after getting off the vehicle, I see within it. I note that many of these blonde beings sitting in a perfect circle, hundreds of them around me. They are watching me.

   In the middle of the room there is a black seat suspended in the air, and I am invited to sit on it. I watch all these beings of Nordic appearance sitting around me, looking at me in a meditative state, and I ask them why i am here. The answer is that i must be quiet, when suddenly I see that they close the eyes and a sphere of glowing white light takes shape on all their heads. These balls of light began to rise until the middle of the room, over my head, until all merged into one.

   Then I watched as the ball of light begins to fall on my head while I am sitting in the black chair. It descends to enter my head when I start to vibrate strangely, and as the sphere of light is going through my body from top to bottom, until is completed, and that is when it takes me an absolute overwhelming silence and peace. So they say:

   "We must alter you energy density for future approaches. You need not fear. We are masters in the domain of matter because the knowledge of energies".

   Later I look back on the original ship, and on Earth, and I realize that traffic has been instant between that world and ours. I am again inside the ball of light in the Punta del Hidalgo village, and I am back in Aldaan company, who tells me mentally...

   "Because of the energy which has been subject for some years you will have some physical problems, such as palpitations, arrhythmias, difficulty swallowing. To feel the death of the subject to emerge with the domain of the Universal Energy".

   "Everything is energy, everything is alive. Death does not exist, since it is a mere transformation of energy. You will wake up when the time comes in 2012. You will be our speaker on Earth, as all governments of the Earth know about our existence and many other races of beings from different planets and dimensions, but they have silenced it!".

   "We live on Earth conducting several studies that support the natural balance of the Universe. We will see each other more time to prepare you, and do not worry about the physical symptoms due to changes of the energy of your body".

   Then again I was floating toward my friends who were still asleep sitting and leaning on the cars, until I was deposited on the ground for an energy field. In this moment I am in absolute peace and harmony. And so I am with my friends again, and close my eyes to fall into a dream that has lasted 21 years.

   This is an absolutely enriching experience for me, a revelation no doubt, of a certainty that haunted my soul, but after the hypnotic regression, I could relive. I must say that after this experience, I became much more sensitive to everything around me, apparently visible and invisible. I can only say, that they are here with us and among us, there are life on other planets, ships from other worlds visit us and operate with the knowledge of our governments, while denying reality. The words "alien" or "UFO" should not be preserved of  dementia or paranoia as they would have us believe so far.

   But that´s not all, I did other hypnotic regressions, resulting even more incredible and revealing. Soon I will share these experiences.

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