Sunday, April 29, 2012


   To reach the Spiritual Reality as we spoke earlier, you need to practice meditation and more sublime contemplation.

   There are many religions and philosophical schools of yoga that promote a variety of techniques and indications to meditate, which must be subjected to all kinds of rituals, gods, masters, and so on.

   In my different experiences I have taken only one thing clear, we only pay homage an make an act of surrender to our spiritual nature, our spirit. When we are able to delve into this spiritual nature, we understand that there are no restrictions to attachments of any kind.

   I propose for this purpose of self-spiritual to meditate. Would you like to try it?. Perhaps have you ever looked for something more, to free you of the irrespressible lifetime?. Well, it´s time to take sides and tip in this Reality that seems to be elusive, but it is not.

   Take a moment and go to a place where we are comfortable, and without acquiring any special position, simply look for comfort. Now close your eyes and breathe quietly. Let a few minutes until our body go quieting.

   It is time to be observant of what happens in our body and mind, but without reacting to them!. We know that every effect produces a reaction to physical or mental level, well, it is time to transcend body and mind, let us ignore the messages they send us, but without paying attention to it.

   Hard?. May at first be so, but over time it will not be much. We have only to observe how our mind send stimulus to react to them. These incentives come in the form of thoughts, and that is the trap that we must not fall. We have to break the domain of action and reaction continued thoughts and emotions that rule our lives. That is the realm of mind that it monitors and enslaves us.

   In short, it is seen as those thoughts come, establish and go, like a detached witness of them. As if we were sitting in an armchair in a movie theater and a movie  (thoughts) was projected for us. Well, look but do not react, since it does not go with us. It also has a  beginning and an end.

   When we are able to observe those thoughts without reacting, we see how a space sill be opened to be between one and another comes. It is in those areas where our spirit is manifested. The essence of our spirit is the Absolute Silence. And as we put aside our attention from all that is due to this world, i.e., mind and flesh, is when our core is shown to be enriched our attention to the recognition of our subtle essence.

   With the contemplation of our Spiritual Reality, we will feel a great joy and relief. We´ll see how we will no longer be slaves of the prince of this world, which is none other than the mind. Past and future cease to make meaning in our lives. For the spirit there is only the present, and the attention on it, the mind can no longer thrash us as it did before.

   Believe me, this is the way. Path leading to liberation. And thus the goal of enlightenment. You do not obfuscate the practice, must be natural, as when a bird learns to fly. It is time to open the cage (mind) and let the bird (spirit) finally fly.

Thursday, April 26, 2012


   There are some people in the world who can put aside the conditioning of the mind and move into new perceptions of our surroundings, and this is my case. Like me there are many in the world, only that many of them remaining complete anonymous of go unnoticed, because our mental governors do not deseve attention.

   However, the times ahead are likely to rise consciences oby enzimes of the minds and the reality becomes clear and evident to all. I can tell you that physical reality that we all take for granted, is merely a reflection of the rude truth that underlies all of us. For those of us lucky enough to see beyond, we look at life differently. As I contemplate Reality fills me with joy and hope.

   Many of you have asked this question before, but have made since the limitation of the mind, then we can not see beyond what our senses tell us. Thus we would need irrefutable physical evidence that our senses palpate to interpret our minds.

   Most of time does not, simply receive certain pieces of the Spiritual Reality, that makes us doubt, but our mind tends to discard as inconsistent.

   We are definitely spirits in its most subtle of the global reality of our existence. Spirits do not know of life and death... Yes, we are eternal... is only the grossest part of our existence that dies over and over again, as if it were a suit. We have many physical lives for a purpose and that is none other than our evolution and spiritual ascent.

   In short, we are spirits, we take a physical existence for convenience of it, and under the supervision of others higher that ourselves. When this physical existence comes to an end, we again become aware of our spiritual reality. We balance this physical life and move on.

   The food of our soul is prayer, meditation and further contemplation. All we can implement them, and thus provide food for our spirit to manifest and show us the way right and proper, which can range as opposed to what our mental governor indicates. You should be aware that we do not mind or spirit and flesh, as these are a temporary illusion that should not make the recognition of Spiritual Truth we are.

   Pray for the less adventurous, then over time more deeply meditate in silence. To that end the most experienced in performing a spiritual practice contemplation. Here the mind has already been set aside so that the thoughts that we seize every day, both pasts and futures left unattended, showing then the silence of this. It is then and only then when we acquired consciousness of the Spiritual Reality without fault or restrictions. We will then defeated the governor of the Earth, which is none other than the mind.

   I invite you to implement these guidelines, it is time to live the reality that we are.

Monday, April 23, 2012


   A new and exciting experience of alien abduction took place just weeks ago at night, in fact, I must say that I had to revive it under hypnosis by psychologist Luis Sánchez, because I was not aware of it. Except that I had awakened that morning with an intense pain in the umbilical area. The result of this session of hypnosis is as follows...

   I am in my bedroom with my girlfriend and my little dog in the night and to my surprise, I see appear on the room door to these two extraterrestrial beings I´v ever met before. While the dog runs around the room wildly, but I realize that is not able to see these beings, in fact they seem translucent, almost ethereal appearance, and the dog sensed but not seen.

   These two aliens invite me to follow them and instantly I feel inside a sphere of light. I lie and tell me that I be assured that nothing will happen and that these experiences will be sprouting soon, time is short and we must accelerate the process ¿?. To do this have to do a fix on my spleen and it takes one of them, namely the Nordic-looking blond with long hair, a kind of awl-shaped crystal, which introduces in my belly, whole Aldaan ( tall alien with a long face) tells me that I must not move. Then I feel a strange discomfort in the form of cold in my stomach that stings me, but immediately removed. This blond alien told me:

   "You will have some discomfort for several days but no consideration. Accelerate the process is not adequate but the times require it. You must disclose these experiments. We have always been among you. We have direct contact with the governments of Earth to warn by the chaotic situation on this planet, but they ignore and hide the truth. Therefore you should talk, transmit all this because the time is here. There are many alien races visiting this planet, always with the aim of helping mankind, as has been throughout the ages to evolve properly".

   "Now there is a turning point, where there will be a before and after, to be beautiful after that, this being its purpose. There are some governments who want to go public and take action, but the most powerful silencing the rest have finished. therefore, we have given an ultimatum to conduct an immediate policy change and human attitudes. And if that is not made soon, we show marked open and definite".

   "Others like you are being prepared, each in perspective according to a timetable to be met and for various missions. You will be an intermediary resulting to know what awaits them if they do not change. Give to know the truth of the universe, life, the right way without detours. Teach the art of meditative awareness, to bring the subject as pure energy of life, what you call God, universe... We are all one and as such we should behave in the universe. There will be no distinction among races, planets, planes of existence, and it all seems the same: the vital energy that unites us all in this way. Let´s be real brothers and not in words. Let consciousness, unite our minds and we bring it to manifest openly together. Awareness that will show the way forward. No doubt about it, we all consciously know which way, and in the no-doubt all walk hand in hand".

   "The time to advise it´s over. It´s time to raise awareness. Know the domain of vital energy. Everything you see is a rude representation of it. Must understand that there are other subtler planes have to reach in a leap evolutionary be produced now".

   "I am teaching a lot like you. We are masters of light, the domain of it, but always with a purpose. There are no coincidences in our actions. Learn, you will deepen in the domain of light, of the Universal Energy that combines us all. You will show those who doubt the way of truth and that no longer. Then they will understand and understanding that there are no more options".

   "As you meditate on this. The light does not belong with anyone, is a common good, and you shall honor and respect, and therefore with the whole universe. We are all one and only one. Now you must rest".

   Aldaan asks me how I find myself, and I answer that´s well... Now again I am in my bedroom and they at the foot of the bed, but now I see them again translucent, and again the dog barking insistently. They ask me to rest....

   All this happened in Tenerife in November 2011, and only ask yourself to think about it and draw their own conclusions about the message itself and not on the phenomenology surrounding it.

   I also thank Luis Sánchez psychologist professionalism and know-how to see the light of these experiences.

Saturday, April 21, 2012


   Continuing with the story I  previously reported on the sighting of that sphere of light blue-violet, that UFO on top of the Roque de los Dos Hermanos in the Punta del Hidalgo in Tenerife, where after more than 20 years, that amazing episode took power in my dreams and in my mind in a powerful way.

   So after meditation I decided to get in the hands of a renowned specialist in hypnotic regression therapy. So the last day December 5, 2011, the psychologist Luis Sánchez and after telling of my experience in the Punta del Hidalgo village in 1990, and that without knowing why, something impelled me to remember that episode, and having the absolute certainty that something had been snatched out of my mind... Then I will pass on that fabulous meeting lived in Punta del Hidalgo under hypnosis... happened just like that...

   I was with my friends, sitting on the floor leaning against the car we had arranged with the optical out to sea, and all we were in the middle of an interesting conversation about the UFO phenomenon. In fact we were there looking for a sighting of this kind. It was a summer night, peaceful, calm seas and a wonderful starry sky...

    Suddenly, something strange happens, the conversation stops and the silence is so evident. While a strange drowsiness possesses me to the point that I can hardly keep my eyes open, and that is when I noticed that on top of the Roque de los Dos Hermanos had a huge sphere of blue violet. It makes no sound, and begins to make a slight movement from bottom to top and back, hiding at times behind the mountain, and re-emerging slowly.

   Then I direct to my friends who were sitting on my right, and I watch as they are asleep ¿?... but how is it possible if they were talking about just a moment before?... That is when I called them but  they do not answer me... i shook their arms violently, but as they were unconscious ... I directed my attention again to that huge, beautiful light and I followed its evolutions., barely moving, it was still now before me, just a few meters above the Roque de los Dos Hermanos. It seems smart, like I observed directly, and understand that what happens to my friends is a result of their direct influence...

   Suddenly I start to feel very cold in my arms and feet, and while i stared at that ball of light, that UFO, strangely every time I can see it closer, but I realize that follows in the same place, then I am moving toward it.¿?. Then quickly I look back and see that my friends are down!...And I am floating through the air sucked into that ship or whatever.

   Slowly I am getting closer to it, until suddenly i find myself inside. I feel a terrible cold, and I can not stop shivering. I notice that the walls are like glass with an intense white light, that gradually recedes in intensity until I can see these translucent curved walls around me, like glass.

   I am floating in the air inside the vessel or enclosure of light, then I see a very high figure approaching as about 2.5 meters high. It is not human, his face is long, has no mouth, no ears and his eyes are big and slanted black. He is thin but strong and is wearing a  white and bright tight dress, which seems of a piece and a black belt.

   I am still shivering with cold, my feet and hands are frozen and it hurts. So this being tells me telepathically..."be quiet". He is coming to me and placed his left hand on my head and right on my feet. Then he tells me...

   "We are preparing you for the transformation of the energy vibrations of matter, to alter it. Our ships are not built of matter as you know, but this is susceptible to alter with consciousness, to be light".

   Gradually the tremor disappears, the intense cold I felt, until I feel pleasantly relaxed and strangely without any fear.

   After a while, we left the ship, as if my body dissolve or change its molecular density, and I am now out of the Earth, and I am overwhelmed by a beautiful view of our planet. We are now on the Moon, while Aldaan shows me all the ships in the form of spheres of light in there. I see hundreds or thousands and different colors and shades. Later I observe Saturn planet and its rings of asteroids, and we enter them until we reach a small world, with blue and large cities.

   These cities were all spherical curves and constructions, there were no straight lines. I see the domes that stand out, all the buildings in shades of blue very dim, or perhaps by the reflection of heaven in them. They looked like glass, because you could almost see through these constructions.

   A bullet-shaped cylindrical vehicle comes to us and opens a side door like a staircase, and another very human-looking beigns invite me to come in, but before i could not resist the curiosity to touch the strange device, and it seemed metallic, and could almost pass through my hand. These beings were long blond hair, gray eyes, white skin, and the only thing that was different were the nostrils, which were more elongated. We headed towards the city center, and watch amazed as an strange silence reigns throughout the city, even in the vehicle in which we go.

   We approached a large dome in the middle of the city, and while I ask them about what I am doing here, they suggest that I am quiet  because they should take me to a site. So we got to the bottom of this huge dome-shaped construction and after getting off the vehicle, I see within it. I note that many of these blonde beings sitting in a perfect circle, hundreds of them around me. They are watching me.

   In the middle of the room there is a black seat suspended in the air, and I am invited to sit on it. I watch all these beings of Nordic appearance sitting around me, looking at me in a meditative state, and I ask them why i am here. The answer is that i must be quiet, when suddenly I see that they close the eyes and a sphere of glowing white light takes shape on all their heads. These balls of light began to rise until the middle of the room, over my head, until all merged into one.

   Then I watched as the ball of light begins to fall on my head while I am sitting in the black chair. It descends to enter my head when I start to vibrate strangely, and as the sphere of light is going through my body from top to bottom, until is completed, and that is when it takes me an absolute overwhelming silence and peace. So they say:

   "We must alter you energy density for future approaches. You need not fear. We are masters in the domain of matter because the knowledge of energies".

   Later I look back on the original ship, and on Earth, and I realize that traffic has been instant between that world and ours. I am again inside the ball of light in the Punta del Hidalgo village, and I am back in Aldaan company, who tells me mentally...

   "Because of the energy which has been subject for some years you will have some physical problems, such as palpitations, arrhythmias, difficulty swallowing. To feel the death of the subject to emerge with the domain of the Universal Energy".

   "Everything is energy, everything is alive. Death does not exist, since it is a mere transformation of energy. You will wake up when the time comes in 2012. You will be our speaker on Earth, as all governments of the Earth know about our existence and many other races of beings from different planets and dimensions, but they have silenced it!".

   "We live on Earth conducting several studies that support the natural balance of the Universe. We will see each other more time to prepare you, and do not worry about the physical symptoms due to changes of the energy of your body".

   Then again I was floating toward my friends who were still asleep sitting and leaning on the cars, until I was deposited on the ground for an energy field. In this moment I am in absolute peace and harmony. And so I am with my friends again, and close my eyes to fall into a dream that has lasted 21 years.

   This is an absolutely enriching experience for me, a revelation no doubt, of a certainty that haunted my soul, but after the hypnotic regression, I could relive. I must say that after this experience, I became much more sensitive to everything around me, apparently visible and invisible. I can only say, that they are here with us and among us, there are life on other planets, ships from other worlds visit us and operate with the knowledge of our governments, while denying reality. The words "alien" or "UFO" should not be preserved of  dementia or paranoia as they would have us believe so far.

   But that´s not all, I did other hypnotic regressions, resulting even more incredible and revealing. Soon I will share these experiences.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012



   I remembered that summer night 20 years ago in the northern village of La Punta del Hidalgo, when I was 19 years old. Given my extreme curiosity about all kinds of paranormal phenomenology, and sharing a greater or lesser extent, the same with a group of friends.

   That night we decided to go to this beach, late at night next to the imposing Roque de los Dos Hermanos and close to the sea, contemplating the horizon waiting for.... who knows what...

   After a long time in which all passionately debating these issues, suddenly something strange happened, as a strange feeling came over me. I felt like a drunk, but i can assure you that never drank anything that could make me feel that way. My eyes were closed.... but what was happening?.

   I tried spinning react to my friends who sat leaning against the car seemed to be asleep, and I was wondering how it is possible if we were talking just some seconds before.... In this situation, i shouted them, hitting eve, but did not react.... as I say, it was all very strange... Then a strange ball of light blue-purple caught my attention at the top of the Roque de los Dos Hermanos. It was a huge sphere of light that was there close to us.

   It moved slowly from behind this mountain up, being seen completely, then slowly hiding behind the mountain, and then again emerge from it, and so on for a long time. No sound, the light was constant, and as I said, it was perfectly spherical, a beautiful blue-violet colour.

   It was the experience of our lives, and however all my friends were strangely unaware... I decided to hit them again, moving them, but it was useless, they did not react. They were, in my humble opinion, as drugged. I kept trying unsuccessfully to make him wake up while that light was still there... I do not know how long that lasted, but I  know that I do not remember anything more.

   We woke up the next day, I told them vaguely what had happened, but something strange happened, they still seemed absent, and I could not express myself as I can now. As I said, something extraordinary happened but full of a great mystery.

   It took 21 years for something to awaken within me, from that mysterious experience that had been half buried in my memories. Suddenly dreams, thoughts, which led me to that moment again, but different. Something inside me told me that was not everything, and it was time to remember, to relive those moments.
So I decided to get into the hands of a psychologist and try to relive that moment in hypnotic regression. But that is another story. A story of revelation for all mankind, who I will gladly tell you soon.