Sunday, April 29, 2012


   To reach the Spiritual Reality as we spoke earlier, you need to practice meditation and more sublime contemplation.

   There are many religions and philosophical schools of yoga that promote a variety of techniques and indications to meditate, which must be subjected to all kinds of rituals, gods, masters, and so on.

   In my different experiences I have taken only one thing clear, we only pay homage an make an act of surrender to our spiritual nature, our spirit. When we are able to delve into this spiritual nature, we understand that there are no restrictions to attachments of any kind.

   I propose for this purpose of self-spiritual to meditate. Would you like to try it?. Perhaps have you ever looked for something more, to free you of the irrespressible lifetime?. Well, it´s time to take sides and tip in this Reality that seems to be elusive, but it is not.

   Take a moment and go to a place where we are comfortable, and without acquiring any special position, simply look for comfort. Now close your eyes and breathe quietly. Let a few minutes until our body go quieting.

   It is time to be observant of what happens in our body and mind, but without reacting to them!. We know that every effect produces a reaction to physical or mental level, well, it is time to transcend body and mind, let us ignore the messages they send us, but without paying attention to it.

   Hard?. May at first be so, but over time it will not be much. We have only to observe how our mind send stimulus to react to them. These incentives come in the form of thoughts, and that is the trap that we must not fall. We have to break the domain of action and reaction continued thoughts and emotions that rule our lives. That is the realm of mind that it monitors and enslaves us.

   In short, it is seen as those thoughts come, establish and go, like a detached witness of them. As if we were sitting in an armchair in a movie theater and a movie  (thoughts) was projected for us. Well, look but do not react, since it does not go with us. It also has a  beginning and an end.

   When we are able to observe those thoughts without reacting, we see how a space sill be opened to be between one and another comes. It is in those areas where our spirit is manifested. The essence of our spirit is the Absolute Silence. And as we put aside our attention from all that is due to this world, i.e., mind and flesh, is when our core is shown to be enriched our attention to the recognition of our subtle essence.

   With the contemplation of our Spiritual Reality, we will feel a great joy and relief. We´ll see how we will no longer be slaves of the prince of this world, which is none other than the mind. Past and future cease to make meaning in our lives. For the spirit there is only the present, and the attention on it, the mind can no longer thrash us as it did before.

   Believe me, this is the way. Path leading to liberation. And thus the goal of enlightenment. You do not obfuscate the practice, must be natural, as when a bird learns to fly. It is time to open the cage (mind) and let the bird (spirit) finally fly.

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